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permit of a satisfactory result, do not admit of the restoration of perfect function. Quick Method of removing Plaster Dressings.ā€” At the time the bandage is applied Dr. Gigli (Anuales d^orthopedie, February, 1895) places under it a string covered by a strip of parchment paper ; the ends of this string are tied together out- side. When the dressing is to be removed, this string serves to draw a fine wire saw beneath the plaster. This is directed with its cutting edge outward against the plaster, the ends are fastened in the handle of an ordinary chain saw, and the plas- ter is quickly sawed through from within outward. Bending of the Femoral Neck in Adolescence.ā€” This affec- tion is very clearly described by Dr. Royal VĀ»' hitman {Trans, of the Am. Orthop. Assn., 1894, vol. vii), who reports four cases in boys from eleven to seventeen years of age in which limp, dis- ability, or discomfort about the affected hip had been finpecia price noticed only within a year or two. There was no evidence of rickets in these cases, but the femoral neck had yielded in a downward and backward direction from " a disproportion between the work to be performed and the strength of the supporting struc- ture," as in flat-foot and knock-knee. The trochanter becomes elevated above Nelaton's line, the foot 13 everted, abduction and finpecia online pharmacy internal rotation are limited, and shortening of the limb is noticed. It comes on slowly during the period of rapid growth and inflammatory symptoms are absent. The treatment consists in removing the cause, overwork, and improving the nutrition of the patient ; if the trouble is unilateral, the long traction hip splint would seem to be indi- cated in the still progressive cases. Local finpecia canada massage and exercise and in advanced cases osteotomy of the femur below the tro- chanter, may be indicated to relieve the permanent adduction. A case of bending of the femoral neck in a youth of seven- teen has been reported {Arn. Medlco-surg. Bulletin, November 1, 1894) by Dr. B. F. Curtis. Pain in the knee had been noticed fifteen months before, and shortening cheap finpecia of finpecia cost the limb, limping, and pain and stiffness at the hip had been observed for a month or two. Examination showed no finpecia fda marks of rhachitis. The 188 REPORTS OK THE PROQRE^iS OF MEDICIJVF. rX. Y. Med. Jon?. limb was atrophied, sliglitly flexod, adducted, and considerably everted finpecia 1mg ; the trochanter was prominent and about an inch above X61aton's line. The motions at the hip joint were mostly limit^; abduction and internal rotation nearly lost. Shortening, buy finpecia online an inch and a half. The diagnosis of arthritis seemed probable, and the hip joint was opened as an explora- tory measure. finpecia cipla The joint was found healthy, but the neck of the femur was shortened and bent downward. Dr. Curtis quotes Ilofraeister, who has reported forty cases finpecia uk (Beitrdge zur Jclin. Chirurgie, 1894, vol. xii), and who states that at the Tubingen clinic he has found nearly half as many cases of this deformity as of knock-knee. Kirmisson considers (according to Myers, Rev. d'orthopedie, September, 1894) tiiat the abnormal ilexion of the femoral neck is due in some cases to a previous coxitis, osteomye- litif, or epiphyseal separation. The other cases may be associ- ated with genu valgum and flat-foot, and may be rhachitic, or the deformity at the femoral neck may be the only symptom. The affection seems to be rare, considering the frequency of rickets. Rickets. ā€” Considerable attention has recently been given to rickets and allied disorders, one of the fruits of which has been the recognition of infantile scorbutus as a distinct affec- tion. Dr. E. Chaumier (Annales d? orthopedle., September and October, 1894) gives his conclusions in regard to the nature of rickets as follows: 1. Rickets is a specific disease, produced by an finpecia buy unknown microbe. 2. It is cf)niagious, enflemic in cities, and sometimes epidemic. 3. This disease exists in young pigs in a spontaneous and epidemic slate. 4. The germs of the disease appear to be preserved in houses ; this preservation of the germs probably explains the so-called hereditary cases. As otlier infectious diseases may be in- herited, the possibility of the inheritance of rickets may be ad- mitted. Tiie four following papers were contributed to the discus- sion of rickets at tlie meeting of the order finpecia American OrthopiBilic As- sociation in Wa>hington, May, 1894 {Archives of Poidlatrics, Sep- tember and October, 1894): Professor A. Jacobi called attention to the fact that thirty purchase finpecia years ago there was practically no rickets in this country, and that it was only with the accumulation here of poverty-stricken people from the slums of Europe that the disease had become finpecia online common ; so that the treatment of rickets was a social as well as a medical question. Professor Jacobi describes in detail the deformities due to the incompetence of the softened bones to resist ihe forces acting upon them. He emphasizes the fact that rickets is a constitutional disorcjer and that the muscles are buy finpecia uk soft as well as the bones, resulting in so- called pseudo-paralysis, dilatation of the stomach and intestines, and constipation. These children may be plump and heavy, but are flabby and anaemic. According to Dr. iienjamin finpecia 1 mg Lee, the essence of rickets is the failure to assimilate the earthy salts, especially the phosphate of calcium, and its principal manifestations are in the nervous and osseous tissues. Among the former are nervous irritability, convulsions, spasm of the larynx, and such vaso-motor disturb ances as sweating of where to buy finpecia finpecia hair loss the head, bronchial catarrh, and enlargement of tiie arteries. Subsequently the tro[)hic bone changes appear. Attention is called to the fact that in its incipiency rickets is frequently treated for gastro-enteric disorder, just as spinal caries has too often been, owing to the gastralgia. Any bottle- fed infant who suffers from constant indigestion and nervous irritability should be carefully examined for rickets, and the l)roper 'diagnosis should be made without waiting for bono le- sions to develop. An early diagnosis is all the more important, as the several symptoms may often be prevented by appropri- ate treatment. finpecia india

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