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doubt just as good results can be obtained in most fractures by the methods advised, but there are cases in which the others are applicable, or at least more convenient, and in a work of this character we miss such old familiar faces, as it were. Dislocations are also treated of in this section in a most practical and thorough manner. The section on Antesthesia, by Dr. H. C. Wood, is one of those nicely adjusted scientific and practical works which we rarely see from the pens of laboratory experimenters. Real- izing that after all the operating table is the place from which we must gather our practical knowledge of anaesthesia, he re- fuses assent to the conclusions of esidrix 25 mg the Hyderabad commission as dominated by the laboratoi-y experience of Dr. T. Lauder Brunton, and draws his conclusions from the experiences of tlie hundreds of thousands of anfesthetizations of human beings by practical surgeons and observant physicians. " We know of no true anesthetic whose use is unaccompanied with dan- ger," he hydrochlorothiazide price says, and deprecates the vanity and conceit of those who report so many thousands purchase hydrochlorothiazide online of administrations without accident, as the result of their own peculiar methods and ])ersonal skill. Anaesthesia, whether from ether, from chloro- form, or from any mixture, is a condition of danger, and the order hydrochlorothiazide security of the patient lies in the recognition of this fact by the anaBsthetist. Dr. Wood maintains that no condition of the heart is a positive contraindication to the use of an anaes- thetic, but says that we should always bear in mind the one indisputable point with regard to ether and chloroform, tliat ether stimulates and chloroform hydrochlorothiazide online depresses the circulation, and choose the one or the other with reference to the func- tional rather than organic condition of the heart. However harmless chloroform may esidrix or zaroxolyn be in hot climates, he states that in the total buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide number of ansesthetizations it is shown to be more than four times as dangerous as ether, and should be used proportionally less often, as the safety of the patient, and not the saving of time or agreeableness, is the first consideration in every surgical procedure. The volume closes with sections by Dr. A. G. Gerster, on the Technique of Antiseptic and Aseptic Sui'gery, and by Dr. Stephen Smith, on cheap hydrochlorothiazide Operative Surgery. Dr. Gerster is too well known in this line for us to comment upon his work. His article is thorough, scientific, and full of practical sug- gestions. Dr. Smith's article follows largely the teachings of Treves's Operative Surgery^ and is an excellent though brief resume of the subject. The illustrations here are numerous and well executed. As to a point in the arrangement of the work, it would seem that the consideration of anajsthesia, minor surgery, bandaging, and surgical api)liances sliould logically precede that of gunshot woiinds, fractures, and operative surgery, but no doul)t the editor has good and sufiicient reasons for the order lie has given. The mechanical part of the 1)ook is a credit to the pub- buy hydrochlorothiazide online lishers, and Dr. Dennis is to be congratulated upon the excel- lent appearance of his voluminous work. Atlas of Clinical Medicine. By Bykom Bkamwell, M. D., F. R. 0. P. Edin., F. R. S. Edin., Assistant Physician to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, etc. Volume III. Part II. Edinburgh : T. & A. Constable, 1895. Pp. 49 to 96. The earlier numbers of this great work have been re- viewed in this journal as they have appeared from time to time. This part is fully equal to those which have preceded it, both in the illustrations and in the character of the liter- ary work. The first subject considered is congenital syphi- lis. It is illustrated by four full-page plates, and is an unusu- ally complete review of this important subject. The most interesting chapter is that on progressive muscular atrophy. The essential pathological lesion of the ordinary form of this condition the author believes to be hydrochlorothiazide mg a slow and gradual de- struction of the multipolar nerve-cells of the anterior horn of the spinal cord. In many cases, the crossed pyramidal tracts are also sclerosed. The question has been much agi- tated of whether the hydrochlorothiazide cost lesion of the nerve-cells generic hydrochlorothiazide is degenerative or inflammatory in character. In the present state of our knowledge it is impossible to arrive at an order hydrochlorothiazide online absolute decision. In some cases subacute inflammatory disease is undoubtedly present, but this does not necessarily prove that the primary lesion of the nerve-cells is inflammatory. The author draws a remarkably clear and scientific picture of the disease, which leaves but little to be desired. The two full-page plates ac- companying this portion of the work are unusually good. This buy esidrix is followed by an article on pseudo-hypertrophic paral- ysis. The number closes with a description of eight peculiar and ruore or less rare forms of muscular atrophy. Early Scoliosis or Curable Curvatures of the Spine. By Pepcy G. Lewis, M. D., M. R. C. S., L. S. A., A. K. C, purchase hydrochlorothiazide Hon- orary Medical Officer to the Victoria Hospital, etc. Lon- don : John Bale & Sons, 1895. Pp. 7 to 49. Ix the difficult subject of the treatment of scoliosis all contributions are welcome, but the diversity of the methods recommended shows the unsettled state of our knowledge. Dr. Percy develops the weakened groups of muscles by sys- tematic and carefully chosen exercises with the pulley weights, and combats the deformity by using an upright bol- ster fastened to the back of a chair on the side of the promi- nent shoulder. buy hydrochlorothiazide He deprecates the use of jackets. Dissections Illustrated. A Graphic Handbook for Students of Human Anatomy. By C. Gordon Brodie, F. R. C. S., Late- Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy, Middlesex Hospi- tal Medical School, etc. With Plates Drawn and Litho- hydrochlorothiazide tablets graphed by Percy Highley. In Four Parts. Part IV. The Abdomen. With Sixteen Colored Plates (two thirds natural size), two of which are double, and Thirteen Dia- grams. London and New York : Whittaker & Co., 1895. Pp. IIG to 136. [Price, 10s.] This last number of Mr. Brodie's excellent work is of great interest to genito-urinary, rectal, and gynecological surgeons, 186 REPORTS ON THE PROGRESS OF MEDICINE. [N. Y. Med. Jour.,

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