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hysterectomy. A collection of seven hundred and twenty- four vaginal hysterectomies, done by eminent operators in various parts of the world, gave a mortality of 4*6 per cent., whereas a collection of betnovate scalp solution t^vo hundred and twenty-four ab- dominal hysterectomies, done by eminent betnovate online American opera- tors, gave a mortality of only 2*7 per cent. Dr. William M. Polk, of New York, said that, while hys- terectomy was more difficult by the vaginal than by the supra- pubic buy betnovate cream online route, the vaginal operation for purposes of explora- tion alone could hardly be surpassed for simplicity and ease of execution. In about fifty jjer cent, of the cases the ap- pendages were not accessible, however, except through the anterior fornix. The method' of treating early stages of in- flammation of the uterus and its appendages by the vaginal 154 PROCEEDmOS OF SOCIETIES. [N. Y. Med. Jour. route, as recommended by Dr. Henrotin in his paper, was such betnovate c cream an important contribution to our resources that the society should feel deeply indebted to him for presenting it. In the removal of tumors by the infrapubic route it would be found easier, when working deep in the pelvis, to secure the bleeding points low down by ligatures, leaving the higher vessels to betnovate scalp lotion be betnovate c ointment controlled by clamps. Dr. Gordon, of Portland, Me., said that his experience with betnovate buy online the vaginal method had not been satisfactory, and he did not believe as good work could be done by touch as by sight. The drawing down of the ovaries for exploration was objectionable, for in case it was found that these organs did not require removal, the prolapse of the ovaries thus i)roduced could not easily be rectified. Dr. AVtlie said that he thought general surgeons would always prefer the abdominal method. He had employed the infrapubic method in seventy-four selected cases, fifty-five of them cases of cancer, and had had only one death. Dr. J. E. Janvkin, of New York, said that he had had quite a large experience with the removal of sarcomata and carci- nomata of the uterus by the vaginal route, and he had found that as a rule any uterus affected with carcinoma or sarcoma which could not be removed by the vagina had so infiltrated the surrounding tissues that the case was unsuitable for opera- tion by any method. His experience had been opposed to the views expressed by Dr. betnovate gm skin cream Jacobs that both tubes were usually diseased in cases of extra-uterine pregnancy. Dr. McGoNiGAL, of California, said that it did not seem to him justifiable to remove the uterus without the presence of pus. Out of seventy-two abdominal hysterectomies he had had no resulting fistulse. Dr. William T. Lusk, of New York, said that it would probably soon become the established practice to betnovate n cream remove fibroids and carcinomatous uteri of moderate size by the vaginal method. There was no class of cases in which the uterus and the opposite tube were betnovate ointment 0.1 so apt to be betnovate n healthy as in those of tubal gestation. Dr. Henrotin said betnovate c that in nineteen out of twenty cases of extra-uterine gestation the other tube was healthy, and the best method of treating such cases was by the abdominal route. For patching and repairing betnovate cream 0.1 tubes the vaginal method was not suitable, but it was excellent for drainage. The Treatment of Puerperal Eclampsia.— Dr. Thaddeus A., of Cincinnati, read a paper on this subject in which he detailed several typical cases illustrating the bene- ficial action of veratrum viride when freely used. He gave Norwood's tincture of veratrum viride, twenty drops hypo- dermically, repeating this/or giving a somewhat smaller dose betnovate scalp application as often as seemed necessary to soften and slow the pulse down to sixty or even lower. In one of the cases cited, where the convulsions had been frequent, notwithstanding the free use of chloroform, and where the urine had been de- cidedly albuminous, he had preferred to administer hypoder- mically three quarters of a grain of morphine sulphate, as the pulse had been weak, the patient very nervous, and the pui)ils dilated. This case he considered to have been one of retiex convulsions. In another of the cases it had been necessary to administer ten drops of the tincture of veratrum viride three or four times a day for several days. The great virtue of the veratrum viride was its power of promptly arresting the convulsions, and at the same time exciting jjrofuse diure- sis and diaphoresis. It was fully equal to bloodletting in its action on the circulation, and it did not leave the buy betnovate cream patient in such a weak condition. An adult, if kept in the recumbent posture, might take half a drachm of the tincture of veratrum viride with impunity. If it caused great depression, this betnovate for acne could readily be relieved by alcoholic stimulants. It was fortunate that morphine also would counteract any depres- sion, and at the same time exert a powerful influence in con- trolling the convulsions. The Prophylaxis and Treatment of Eclampsia. — Dr. Ed- ward P. Davis, of betnovate face Philadelphia, followed with a paper so en- titled. He believed that eclampsia was the result of a com- plex irritant poison produced by the imperfect action of the kidneys, liver, betnovate gm skin, lungs, and intestines. If the excretory processes were active, general oedema in the latter part of pregnancy was of minor importance. In highly nervous women the toxajmia might give rise to premature labor or to a condition of melancholia. No greater mistake could be made than to administer the bromides to such a patient. The treatment should be directed toward securing increased activity of the excretory organs. In a series of eighty cases in which five hundred and sixty-four examinations of the urine had been made the average percentage of urea had been found to be one and four tenths near the end of preg- nancy. It had been his custom to estimate the quantity of urinary solids excreted by determining the percentage of urea. The best way to guard against puerperal eclampsia was by keeping pregnant women under intelligent medical supervision. Dr. Ltjsk said that it had been betnovate skin cream a favorite notion of the late Dr. Fordyce Barker that puerperal eclampsia could be most successfully treated by the administration of veratrum viride. Personally, the speaker had never ventured to give

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